We are an air team meaning that we use air to levitate our pod rather than magnets or just being a wheel team. We are one of very few teams to use air, but feel as that is a part of what makes us unique. We use air bearings to levitate and 2 air tanks that will be filled to around 4500psi and regulated down to 140psi. Air flows through our system from the tank to our first regulator to a needle valve, to a second regulator, to a solenoid, and then to the air bearings. When the air bearings inflate, we levitate around 2mm above the ground. We have 4 Fox suspension shock in order to suspend our main frame above our undercarriage.  

We use two systems for braking. Our primary system uses magnets (eddy currents) to brake. We control our magnets with high-strength linear actuators and they brake on the top of the Ibeam. Our secondary braking system is friction brake pads. At upwards of 100mph, these friction brakes are redundant. However, they are useful above those speeds in order to create a full stop and helps us control exactly when we want to stop. We have 8 friction brake pads total and use four smaller linear actuators to control them. 


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